Hello Everyone,

I am a Software Engineer from Kolkata/Bangalore India, currently working as a MongoDB DBA. I am also a mongodb Certified developer (C100DEV). I have over 7 Years of total IT experience, and out of that last 3 years I spent in MongoDB Development and Administrative job.

I started my career as a PHP programmer, and use to develop monolithic application using Laravel framework and CMS like WordPress and Opencart. Also gained some knowledge about Nodejs, MySQL, front end Javascript and jQuery.

My Hunger : Always want to learn new cutting edge technologies and execute it.

I Believe : Learn and let us learn kind of environment.

My Goal : Wanna be an authoritarian Tech Architect in the arena of Software Development.

I am writing this blog with the article which I found challenge in my journey, let it be useful for those who really looking for it. If you have any question then feel free to ask-my-bot.

Thank You!