MongoDB change or update field type

FeaturedChange / Update field type in MongoDB

Many a times developer do ask a common question that, we need to change existing data bearing field's data type to another data type with out hampering existing data. Such as example, in database date field was in string value, but need to convert it in ISODate() format. Before going to nitty gritty details of … Continue reading MongoDB change or update field type

Linux directory structure, user, group, permission, ownership etc.

Before starting any mongodb administration job, we need to know very well about the system, where MongoDB is going to deploy. For this article I choose very common linux OS Ubuntu. Target readers should not be only for mongodb dba, but also for newcomers in linux, this article may be very basic for linux/Ubuntu SME's. … Continue reading Linux directory structure, user, group, permission, ownership etc.


MongoDB installation and upgradation in Ubuntu

Installation of MongoDB is not my goal, while installation mongodb on ubuntu we need to remember that, It should be easily upgraded to its latest version. In this article, 1. How do you easily install mongodb in your ubuntu and how do you upgrade it. 2. Later part of the article includes best practice to … Continue reading MongoDB installation and upgradation in Ubuntu

MongoDB query optimization

Often we saw that after making individual machine better (Scale up) or distributed the data into shards (Scale Out) or making all read queries route to secondary replica set, yet the queries are not performing well and getting the bottleneck. Its totally depends upon your query workload, I am talking about 4-5K OPS (Operation Per … Continue reading MongoDB query optimization

MongoDB Log Rotation Automation

When you are using mongodb for large applications (heavy write and read intensive), then you probable noticed that mongod.log/mongos.log file is growing big in size with in a few time span. I saw 20GB mongos.log file size in a single day. So, your logfile should be in a limited size for diagnostics and debugging purpose. … Continue reading MongoDB Log Rotation Automation

MongoDB Enterprise Edition

Does it free? MongoDB Enterprise is free of charge for an unlimited period of time for evaluation and development. By downloading it, you agree to the Subscription Agreement. Comparison between MongoDB Community and Enterprise Edition FeaturesMongoDB CommunityMongoDB EnterpriseLDAP AuthenticationNot AvailableAvailableLDAP AuthorizationNot AvailableAvailableKerberos AuthenticationNot AvailableAvailableDatabase AuditingNot AvailableAvailableEncryption at rest*Not AvailableAvailableIn-Memory Storage EngineNot AvailableAvailableSNMP supportNot works smoothIt works … Continue reading MongoDB Enterprise Edition


Install Mtools in Ubuntu for MongoDB log analysis

According to mtools official github repo, its says that “mtools is a collection of helper scripts to parse, filter, and visualize MongoDB log files (mongod, mongos). mtools also includes mlaunch, a utility to quickly set up complex MongoDB test environments on a local machine, and mtransfer, a tool for transferring databases between MongoDB instances.” github … Continue reading Install Mtools in Ubuntu for MongoDB log analysis